Upon completion of this course, students should have:

  • Developed the process and practice of chemical research;
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of chemical science;
  • Developed individual investigative skills, critical thought and the ability to evaluate information and to analyse experimental data.

Course Description

Chemistry underpins the understanding and progress of almost every sphere of science, technology and industry.

The Master of Science (Chemistry) is designed to provide a high level of specialised scientific learning together with professional skills training options in business, communications and management. This degree provides the flexibility to choose from a range of electives to complement your specific interests and focus.

The School of Chemistry at The University of Melbourne is one of the largest and oldest in Australia and has a world class profile for leadership in areas such as synthesis, molecular analysis, drug discovery, materials science, sustainable energy and nanotechnology. In addition, we have extensive interdisciplinary links within the University and with other research institutions both locally and internationally.

Students in the Master of Science (Chemistry) who have a weighted average mark of 80% or higher in the prerequisite undergraduate major, are eligible for consideration for the Graduate Research Program in Science. This is a five-year course of study comprising the Master of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)Find out more.

Career outcomes

Chemistry is applied to many fields of industry and research, such as renewable energy, drug discovery, advanced materials, and the environment. 

As a graduate, you may find a rewarding career in:

  • Commercial and government laboratories
  • Science outreach and communication
  • Environmental monitoring and remediation
  • Renewable energy
  • Patent law
  • Education
  • Commercial, pharmaceutical or industrial companies
  • Food manufacturing and food science
  • Scientific instrumentation
  • Nanomaterials
  • Investment analysis
  • Quality control
  • Project management
  • Policy development
  • Scientific industries sales and service

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