Course Description

The Melbourne experience enables our graduates to become specialists within their field, leaders in communities, attuned to cultural diversity and active global citizens.

Doctoral degrees at the University of Melbourne seek to develop graduates who demonstrate academic leadership, independence, creativity and innovation in their research.

The PhD thesis differs from a research Masters thesis mainly by its deeper and more comprehensive treatment of the chosen subject. The normal length of a PhD thesis is 80,000 words. Footnotes are included as part of the word limit.

Areas of Study

The Faculty of Science offers Doctor of Philosophy - Science in one of seven areas of science:

  • BioSciences
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Sciences
  • Ecosystem and Forest Science
  • Geography
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Physics

The areas of Botany, Genetics and Zoology can be studied in the School of BioSciences.

Areas of Research

Researchers in the Faculty of Science conduct high quality research in the physical and biological sciences, focused around ten themes. Please visit the Faculty of Science website to see the breadth and depth of science research.

Research Themes

Course Structure

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy signifies that the holder has undertaken a substantial piece of original research, which has been conducted and reported by the holder under proper academic supervision and in a research environment for a prescribed period.

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